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Latin Jazz Youth Ensemble of San Francisco: Photos

San Jose 2005
Max Miller-Loran at San Jose Jazz Festival, 2005
Salsa Stage 2004
San Jose Jazz Festival 2004
Sound check on the Salsa Stage 2002
San Jose Jazz Festival 2002

La Pena Reunion Concert 2006
Photos: Arturo Riera

Onstage at La Pena Cultural Center, 2006
Samora at La Pena, 2006
Daniel Riera, Oscar Thadeo at La Pena, 2006
Erik tears up the timbales, 2006
La Pena Reunion Concert, 2005

Carnaval Photos: Arturo Riera, Stan Stinnett, Howard Pinderhughes

On the float in the Carnaval parade, 2006
Jennifer and Josue Caravantes at Carnaval, 2006
Natalie at Carnaval 2006
Darcell Epps at Carnaval 2006
Eliana Athayde, Carnaval 2006
Jennifer Caravantes, La Cancionera
LJYE wins First Place Youth Music
Here comes the LJYE, 2003
Henry Corrigan Gibbs, Jeff Stein at Carnaval 2003
Movin' through the Mission at Carnaval 2003
Sound check at the Festival Stage, 2003
Swingin' las maracas
The view from the stage, 2003
Parade route on 24th Street
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